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Other applications


Where other applications are concerned, anything is possible.

We can weld round to round, round to flat, round to square. And, likewise, we can work with a range of materials - anything from aluminium to titanium. We’ve broadly outlined some other applications.

Here are a few examples:


round to round

round to flat

round to square

round to tube

tube to tube

locking pins

stub axles

push rods

torque arms

brake drums

gear wheels

Drill pipes


If you have a product that you believe could be friction welded, send us a photograph or a drawing and we’ll check whether this is possible (whether we’d be able to secure your product in our machine) and determine the cost.

Besides friction welding, we provide added services by performing pre- or post-machining on one of our CNC controlled lathes. This enables us to supply a complete product from start to finish if required.

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